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Morning Walk

After getting a new job, that doesn’t feel like a new job at all, (not the first little grocery store I have worked at, just a different little town) I have found myself working open till close several days n a row.  Today I don’t need to be there until 2 pm so I had time to take my morning coffee for a walk up the mountain.

june 2014 043

All over the mountain things are alive and in bloom.  From up here I can hear the birds from across the valley and down along the creek.

june 2014 042Coffee in one hand, camera in the other, getting focus was a bit of a challenge but I dared not set the mug down or Thor was sure to knock it over.  A little higher up I found the wild roses. While down below they have already dropped their petals, up here they were just opening up.

june 2014 035

I couldn’t resist taking ‘just one more’ picture.

june 2014 037They cover a large section of the mountain side, making it difficult to hike that way but this time of year its rather amazing to see, but not so impressive in a photo.

june 2014 029

Hiking down stopped at the garden to check on the everything.  The little guys have begun to pop up and are rapidly catching up with the plants in garden further down the mountain.  We still get pretty chilly at night and have only recently stopping having frost in the morning.

june 2014 045

Later today I will put the squash and cucumbers in.  Despite being knocked over and spilled out several times by Thor the Naughty Puppy they are good and ready for the ground.  I have no idea what is what at this point but they are all welcome in my mountainside garden.  It will be a fun surpise to see what each one turns out to be.

fire swirls

may 2015 011

James and I were out by the fire.  After trying to take pictures of the moon and getting frustrated with the fact I could not get a crystal clear focus he decided to have me take pictures of something in motion.

may 2015 006

I took about 20 pictures of the moon but none of them really began to capture the night.

may 2015 010

After days of rain the clouds had broken apart.  Thunder storms have been rushing over and cracking above us for days.

may 2015 030

We had spent the day working on the garden.  The garden beds are staring to come together, the fence is up and the seeds are in.

may 2015 002

I left the balsam root and a couple of little roses, but have peas, beans, carrots, lettuce, kale and several other goodies planted.  The further up the mountain it goes the more will go in.   As high as we are the frost as only now passed and the short season plants can go in.  While further down the mountain others have plants have already sprouted we only now get to plant.

may 2015 001The window garden has begun to grow but every night it has been covered and kept warm.  Every morning I uncover them.

may 2015 007

The little peas and the radishes are up and growing but the lettuce certainly is doing well. Hopefully things will grow well enough that by fall there will be all sorts of goodies to put into cans.  Fingers are crossed for good weather and for everything to come together so that the root cellar is ready.

Wood Work story

James’s homework assignment for the day: write a blog about working with Q.



  Monday through Thursday I go to to work at Q’s Quality Woodworking.  I get to the shop around 9:00 AM and get home around 3:00 PM, during that time I am always busy. As soon I arrive at the shop we get to work.  One of the things that I do in the shop a lot of the time is using the sander on the things that Q crafts on the wood lathe.  As Q works on the spinning wheel parts he tells me what he’s making, like the exhilarater-head, maiden table, bobbins, lazy kate, and more. I sand a lot of lazy kates’ and bobbins parts.

Bobbins Bobbins

Last week I got to design a goat manager. The first thing I did was draw out the plan/blueprints. I wanted to make certain the that goats can’t get in it but can still eat from it. One of Q’s goats has…

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Comet Lovejoy

Ii am absolutely an advocate of homeschool!


Tonight  my friend and I (my mom and 1 friend) went outside to see Comet Lovejoy. It was very hard to find. It was west of Orion and south of the Pleiades. We used 2 cheap binoculars. The binocular I used was a 8×21. The comet was dim enough that it was difficult to spot.  You could see it, but then it would seem to disappear. It looked like a dim green light in the sky.  It will be visible for a few more weeks then won’t be back for 8,000 years.

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A Modern Mountain Woman’s Chistmas List

In this country the holiday of chistmas has become a tradition and less a religious day with most people not even aware of chuch behind their favourite time of the year.I personally do not celebrate the holiday of chistmas (but solstice is pure magic.)  The making of a list I take as a sort of tangible desire to manifest a few things that one would like in their lives.  My son asked me what my list was so here it is.

List of Modern Mountain Woman

1. a truck

2. a bottle cutter or glass cutter to be made into such

3. 5 sheets of plywood

4. 200 feet of rebar

5. 2 yards worth of concrete

6. heritage vegetable seeds

7. solar Anything!

8. 400 gallon water tank

9. two dozen heritage chicks

10. a dog kennel!

That’s just off the top of my head; the things I think about daily.  The projects I have planned.  Maybe ‘a grant’ should be on my list.