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From Snow to Cold

Yesterday the snow arrived.  It wasn’t too cold, just a tad chilly at 20 degrees, but as often happens when winter arrives it does so with a sudden sharpness that can cause even experienced mountain dwellers to shudder and stay inside.

nov 2014 004

Warm in the cabin with sun gloriously streaming in through the windows I thought it would be a great day for a hike, to get the new snow, the sun and the blue sky but once outside the hike was decidedly short and back inside I went.

nov 2014 007

I snapped a few pictures and ducked back inside to make tea.  I was just getting settled to do edits on Through the Barrier, (something  have been putting off) when the Snoring Bear aka the Virgo #2 came asking if I could help him.

Down in the shadow of the mountain the skirting has not gone back up on his 5th wheel since he moved it from one side of the yard to the other a couple of months ago.  While my Little Cabin was still in the sun shine, be it heavily blocked by the trees that have not yet been thinned, he was well in the shade.

nov 2014 011

Part of being partners in such an endeavour is that one persons needs are the needs of all.  So down the mountain I went.  We worked on thawing the drain lines and then waited for the foam board to arrive.  (virgo #3 had gone to go pick it up) Unfortunately, it had not arrived when he had to go to work so with a look that bagged for help, he said, ‘if you get inspired feel free to work on it.’

On my walk down the road to his place I found two dropped treasures that are not from anywhere within a mile.  I wonder who dropped them and where they came from.

nov 2014 020

So for the last hour, I have been outside, the temperature steadily falling, working on the skirting.

My fingers and toes a bit on the frozen side I decided to needed to come in, warm up and most my pictures from earlier today.   Maybe tonight, or tomorrow I will post a few of the work I get done before the sun sets.

Photo Walk

Having it planned and ready we headed out to the photo walk early.  We met up on the river bank for an easy walk.  The weather was stunning with a day overcast but just warm enough to be very pleasant.  http://quietwalkblog.com/ came with hand outs and several cameras.  Brooke from Barnibee photography also came along.  We hiked and about a 1/2 mile along the river, taking our time and clicking pics as we went.

Once we got back to the car it was decided that we could pull together a scavenger hunt in a way to compare and share our walk and our photos.

1: a pair

A pair of rose hips

A pair of rose hips

 2: Open

Open Water.  The ice will be here shortly.  Time to pause and listen to the sound of the unhindered river.

Open Water. The ice will be here shortly. Time to pause and listen to the sound of the unhindered river.

3: Curly

curly vine

curly vine

4: Black

Black Raven Feather

Black Raven Feather


Three small fuzzy little clumps of rock moss

Three small fuzzy little clumps of rock moss


Dead leaves on the trail

Dead leaves on the trail

7: Reflection

reflection of the mountains and trees on the Clack Fork River

reflection of the mountains and trees on the Clack Fork River

8:Autum Colors

In every direction the leaves each became an individual piece of art as the colors seemed to each vie for attention

In every direction the leaves each became an individual piece of art as the colors seemed to each vie for attention

For both homeschool parents and any parent or adult who wishes for a way to interact with a teenager or young adult, I think the photo walks are a perfect opportunity.  They offer a chance to be artistic in their own outlet and while Oden has an actual camera most kids now have cell phones with cameras that can achieve amazing images. Build a list, borrow a list and go for a walk out the front door, take a short drive to a place you have never been or head out to a young person favourite place.  Let the hunt begin start your own blog, share on Facebook, or print up for the wall.

I encourage all my friends with kids old enough to not drop the tool they use to join us on our scavenger treks.  Thanks to Quitewalkphotogrphay and to Barnibee Photography for taking the time.




A Walk in the Woods

As fall sweeps in and transforms the mountains those last long walks without coats and boats need to be taken.  With the boy getting into projects and tasks set up for home school leaning the camera, as both a tool and an artistic outlet is one of them.  sept 2014 027

We set out on a walk, both of us with a camera.  To try and make it more interactive with a hint of direction I figured a scavenger hunt was the way to go.  I made a quick list: Something metal, something round, 3 different leaves, something red, something BIG, something tiny and something old.

I walked around with him showing him the basics of the camera, the same one I used until I received a new camera for my birthday from my mother, (quietwalkphotography)  I took  my own pictures along the way.

sept 2014 034

When we got back to the yard he asked if I had gotten all the pictures I needed.  Well, no I hadn’t but why not?  So we will do the hunts together and trade who makes the list each time.  So here is my scavenger hunt.

Something round in the mushrooms and the ring they grow in

sept 2014 026Something metalsept 2014 030leaf 1 of 3

sept 2014 016leaf 2 of threesept 2014 015leaf 3 oof 3sept 2014 011something redsept 2014 002something bigsept 2014 007something tiny in the little yarrow leaves

sept 2014 019

something old – the rocky mountainssept 2014 014

Shortly he will be taking a class on photography, composition, the use of focus and basic skill controls of the camera itself.  I look forward to just how creative he will be as he learns more of what he and his camera can do.

his blog and scavenger hunt